The DFSK Prince C37 MPV, as the name implies, is a multi-person transporter that has plenty of space and can be used for both mobile and logistic purposes. The DFSK Prince C37 can accommodate 11 people and is large enough to hold all the groceries around the house. Simply put, it's an alternative for Americans to use trucks.

The DFSK Prince C37 MPV is powered by a 1.5-liter in-line 4-cylinder 4-stroke engine with 16 valves. The engine is water cooled by the upper camshaft and controlled by electronic fuel injection. The engine model for DFSK Prince C37 MPV is DK1506. The DFSK Prince C37 MPV is equipped with an electronic power steering known as EPS. The MPV has a separate MacPherson suspension on the front and a leaf suspension on the rear. The tires are equipped with 18580R / 14.


  • Engine Model DK15-06VVT
  • Displacement 1499 cc
  • Type In Line - 4 Cylinder 16 Valve
  • Torque 147.5Nm
  • Horsepower 115.24
  • No. of Cylinders 4
  • Cylinder Configuration In-line
  • Valve Mechanism 16 Valve 4 Stroke